About Molki SwimSuits

For kids craving for lively and active fun,
Molki offers a variety of outgoing and colorful swimsuits.

It's wide selection of 2~3 pieces or all-in-one rash guard sets will fully meet Mom's tough requirements on creativity of products in design concepts as well as safety consideration to protect kids under any circumstances.

Molki swim wears will make kids get perfect fit for their bodies and life without felling any restraint.
It's colorful design and unique prints are sure to stand out in outdoor resorts and typical summer beaches.

Molki swimsuits are made from UV protextive fabric that will block more than 99% of harmful rays throughout the season.

Who We Are

we have over 15yrs experience in kids fashion for designing and manufacturing

Our Products

Molki is a company that offers UV Protective swimwear for girls and boys, ranging from aged 0 - 8 years old

How to get it

We can deliver our product to all over the world. you can contact us by email.

Our Team

Our team consisted of developer, designer, Marketer and Model as Dave

Tip #1: Rinse immediately!

As soon as you have come back from a day at the beach or pool, make sure you rinse your swimwear immediately in cold water This helps eliminate substances that cause deterioration, including dirt, perspiration, oil, and body lotion

Tip #2: Handle with Care

Let your swimwear soak for 15 minutes, then gently massage with hands to work the chemicals and dirt out. Drain the soapy water and rinse until the water runs clear. Never wring or twist the swimsuit!

Tip #3: Pack away like a pro

Make sure you don’t pack away your swimwear in your wardrobe when still damp, this will cause mildew and make it loose its shape.


Quick drying

All our swimwear is made using fabrics that absorb low levels of moisture, so they dry faster after your swim

Comfortable fit

Offering great freedom of movement, Molki's fabrics stretch in 4 ways directions, for a comfortable fit that allows you to enjoy your swim without feeling restricted.

Soft touch

Smooth and silky soft-touch fabrics make our swimwear a pleasure to wear.

Ultra Chlorine Resistant

Molkis swimwear is chlorine-resistant, so it won’t degrade in the swimming pool

Contact us

TEL:   +82-70-4823-0987   FAX: +82-2-6280-0020
Email:   info@molkiict.com
Address:   310 Business incubation center, 377, Gwangmyeong-ro, Jungwon-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, 13174, Rep. of KOREA

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